Changing the world by putting digital money in the hands of the next one billion internet users

One of the first products we’re building at Noah is an app that is a complete banking stack that lets anyone in the world leverage the power of crypto.

It starts with a digital wallet for you to send your money to. Once you’ve sent money to your Noah wallet, you can do things like send money across borders for minimal transaction costs(“nearly” free), or receive up to 10% per year interest on your account balance.

These are just two of the core features of the Noah app. Here’s a brief description of each of Noah’s features, and what they can do for you

We truly believe that we can profoundly improve the quality of life for billions of people, by offering them financial services that serve their needs, as opposed to legacy banking services that are inadequate, antiquated, and exclude billions of people across the world.

At Noah, we are building the future of financial services, and that future is inclusive, decentralized, and life-changing.