OptyFi enables anyone to generate wealth from decentralized assets, simply and automatically. 

OptyFi’s Earn Protocol monitors hundreds of liquidity pools, across dozens of protocols and multiple blockchains. Users’ assets are continuously shifted into optimal yield strategies subject to the users specified risk level. Our Strategy Execution Engine can execute any strategy in DeFi while our Optimization Engine Continually identifies the optimal strategies of the moment.  

OptyFi’s NFT Vaults enable anyone with any size budget to participate in the NFT market by pooling together their assets. NFT Vaults allow users to invest in the themes they feel most strongly about, and also select diversification and risk constraints. Quant and fundamental strategists compete to enable users to achieve better than market returns from investing in NFTs.


Upcoming roadmap: Multi-chain expansion, Cross-chain strategies, Real assets, and more.. we have an ambitious plan and are seeking to expand the team in order to execute on it