Moon Rabbit is a Substrate-based distributed infrastructure that enables any type of data or asset transfer between any blockchains, offering full interoperability and scalability. It permits anyone to launch their own Jurisdictions (blockchains, DeFi protocols, NFT, eSports, Web3 dapps, cryptocurrencies, etc.). Thus, Moon Rabbit is a System of Systems, uniting all distributed ledgers and becoming the ultimate protocol to unite various chains at an abstract level -- a Metachain.

Moon Rabbit’s flagship project is Longevity DAO that aims to build a robust Longevity ecosystem using best practices of crypto and web3 technologies. The project’s identity is deeply rooted in the Asian folklore of the Moon Rabbit, which deals with the long-standing captivating search for eternal life. Moon Rabbit intends to incentivise researchers and entrepreneurs in the longevity space to spur R&D that could unlock the secret to immortality.