The Centric Foundation was established to advance the adoption of Centric Rise (CNR), Centric Cash (CNS), along with establishing partners and solution providers around the world.

The Foundation holds the highest standards of internal governance and transparency and is focused on a 7-10 year roadmap of new products, services, partnerships which will establish the financial framework required in order to achieve mass adoption around the world.

The Centric Foundation also plays a key role in setting macroeconomic policy to guide the growth of the Centric economy through the management of Centric Rise price, which is set 1 year in advance.   

Centric is named after this centralized aspect. Cryptocurrencies, unlike fiat currencies, do not have a central entity to implement monetary policy focused on stabilizing purchasing power. Thus, changes in demand induce massive price fluctuations. By the Centric Foundation managing the Centric Rise price they are in-effect managing the CNR exchange rate which affords the Centric economy further firepower to react to price fluctuations and changes to aggregate demand.