iExec Blockchain Tech

iExec is developing a technological infrastructure to meet the challenges of Web3.

Our objectives are to enable developers to create Web3 applications that preserve data governance and confidentiality, and to monetize the usage of their applications, datasets, and computing power. We also aim to support companies in developing their blockchain and Web3 projects that address their governance, trust, and data privacy needs.

To achieve this, iExec uses its own blockchain infrastructure based on Ethereum, as well as its own utility token, RLC (accessible from major exchange platforms). The company also leverages its expertise and technology to support various research projects. Joining iExec means participating in an ambitious technological project in a rapidly developing sector and becoming part of a team composed of people from around the world.

iExec was ranked among the top French startup employers of 2022/2023 by Capital magazine, following an independent study conducted among 4,000 companies.