New Fundamentals Lab

We are New Fundamentals Lab.


We believe in the positive power of Web3.0 and work with committed projects and founders to harness the transformative nature of digital property rights.


We are a company made up of creators, artists, marketers, developers and managers who all share a passion for the expedited adoption of Web3.0. Through creating innovative products and meaningful experiences for NFT users and the broader crypto market as a whole, our goal is to make the world of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain more accessible and more relevant to current and future consumers.


We aim to push the limits of the current use cases of NFT technology and broadly, Web3.0. We do so by helping stand-alone artists and projects alike connect in a deeper, more significant way with their holders. 


We do this by developing products they actually want, creating content that resonates with them, and treating them in a professional, respectful manner rarely seen in the NFT space.